Learning Campus and Daytime Study Hall

The learning campus and daytime study hall is an additional pedagogical offer by the Zinzendorf Schools in the afternoon. Teachers and educators support students in preparing for exams, repeating material from the school lessons and homework. Students are supported here every afternoon under qualified guidance.

Underneath the reconstructed roof of "house Spangenberg" the new learning studio has been opened according to latest pedagogical approaches. This is unique within the region. It provides a unique learning environment and methods to accompany lessons during the school day. The teachers in charge are always nearby as contact persons. According to the digital concept of the Zinzendorf schools, the entire floor is equipped with WLAN to enable work with tablets. The studio is available to the upper grades of general and vocational high schools.

During the school day: new Study Hall

In large, bright rooms, individual study is made possible: in groups, with guidance of an educator or independently – according to individual needs. It is a priority to prepare for the Abitur and to support competencies that are not only the basis for a later university career, but are also important for life-long learning.

The center of the 500m² large floor is large open room of more than 200m² for lectures and presentations. The students choose between seminars, tutorials or independent study to study.

A seminar consist of classical lessons. Students take responsibility for their own learning, but also for the learning of others, in partner and group tasks. In tutorials the youths receive support by teaching staff if there is a lack of knowledge or motivation. During self-study, independence is the main-focus. By developing their study content independently, students also learn to organize themselves.

In the Afternoon: Intensive Study in small Groups

In the afternoon the boarders visit our study campus. Studies take place in four units of 45 minutes each, interrupted by breaks. Between the first and last two study blocks there is a longer break, in which coffee, cocoa, tee, cake and fruit is offered.

The students study with peers of the same age. There are different study groups and supervisors for homework. Besides educators from the boarding school, there are also subject teachers from various fields of knowledge are open for questions at any time. In the core subjects, mathematics, German and English a subject teacher is available several times a week.

Therefore, the children can finish all their homework on the study campus.

Learning Campus and Daytime Study Hall
Learning Campus and Daytime Study Hall
Learning Campus and Daytime Study Hall

Leisure activities are equally important as studying.

Play- and sports opportunities that take place out-doors according to the weather belong to the daily routine in the daytime boarding school. Students can participate in the work groups offered by the school or in instrumental lessons. Regular agreements between teachers and educators make room for the necessary timeframe.

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Learning Campus and Daytime Study Hall

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