Gymnasium specialising in social and health sciences (SGG)

A Further Path to the Abitur (German University Qualification)

Vocational Schools such as the social and health science vocational school are growing more and more popular. The here reached qualification offers the same access to all university courses just like the Abitur from a general high school. The admission requirement is fulfilled with a middle school certificate (Realschule, entrance qualification for a technical college) and a certain grade point average or a transfer recommendation into grade 10 at a general high school, i.e. a transfer recommendation into grade 10 at an interdenominational school in the according transfer regulation high school.

Gymnasium specialising in social and health sciences (SGG)
Gymnasium specialising in social and health sciences (SGG)
Gymnasium specialising in social and health sciences (SGG)

Role Model for more than 20 Years

The Zinzendorf Schools founded the social science secondary school and therewith became the nationwide pioneer. We still offer an ideal setting for individual learning in small classes.

Profile Course Pedagogy and Psychology

The course pedagogy and psychology is taught six hours a week in the class schedule of the social sciences high school. Further specialties in the education are the electives social management and the seminary course.


In the introductory class the students coming from different school branches, are brought to the same knowledge level, and communication and working techniques are studied. Additionally an intensive introduction to the respective profile classes is taught. In order to facilitate the access to the mathematics classes lessons in high school, a mathematics remedial course is taught in the introductory class.

Linguistically talented students with prior knowledge of the English and French languages can take Spanish as a third and new foreign language. Students without sufficient prior knowledge in a second foreign language can acquire these with Spanish.

At the end of the introductory class a 14 day internship takes place corresponding with the profile of the social science high school. Here, the theoretical knowledge gained in the profile course is linked to the professional experience.

Of course, excursions also belong to the education. The students of the vocational school also have the opportunity to participate in the many Clubs.

Learning studio

Under the new roof of the oldest school building of the Zinzendorf Schools, a unique learning landscape has been created based on the latest pedagogical findings.

Our high school students can learn individually in spacious, bright rooms: In groups, with the guidance of a teacher or independently – depending on how it meets their needs. The focus is on preparing for the Abitur and promoting those competences which are not only the basis for further studies, but also important for lifelong learning.


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