Boarding school

Boarding house for boys

Das Jahr Boarding house for boys

House "Früauf"

Boarding house for girls

Das Jahr Boarding house for girls

House" Erdmuth-Dorothea-von-Zinzendorf (EDH)"

7th heaven for the girls

Das Jahr 7th heaven for the girls

The so-called 7th heaven in the upper floor of the house Erdmuth-Dorotheen is accessible to the senior classes of the boarding school. The rooms under the roof were completely renovated and made more spacious. A kitchen is provided for joint usage and the roof-top terrace invites to relaxing hours.

Golf club and school

Das Jahr Golf club and school

Cooperation with Golf Club Königsfeld and PGA golf school HUKI

Garden and pavillon

Das Jahr Garden and pavillon

Surroundings of houses "Christian Renatus von Zinzendorf" and "Erdmuth-Dorotheen"

House "Christian Renatus von Zinzendorf"

Das Jahr House "Christian Renatus von Zinzendorf"

Center of our canteen, learning and multi functional rooms

Recreation, sports and leisure

Das Jahr Recreation, sports and leisure

The surroundings of "house Früauf" provide table tennis, soccer, basketball and indoor fitness.