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The Zinzendorf Schools look back on a 200-year-old tradition and are inseparably connected to the history of Koenigsfeld.

The supporter of the Zinzendorf Schools, the protestant Unitus Fratrum, also known as the Moravian church, is known as a protestant Free Church and member of the protestant church in Germany (EKiD). Especially well known are the watchwords and the Moravian stars, that both originate from the Moravian Church and the Unitus Fratrum.

The eponym of the schools in Koenigsfeld, Nikolaus Count of Zinzendorf, was one of the central figures in the history of the Moravian Church. He founded an educational institution for girls in the Saxon Berthelsdorf as early as 1723, and ever since the saying goes:” Where there are Moravians, there are schools.”

From the beginning of the foundation of Koenigsfeld in the year 1807 by the Moravian Church it was a fixed deal that the new settlement would be a site for a school. The history of the Zinzendorf Schools began with the establishment of the girl’s academy in 1809.

Plunge into the history of the schools – from the first house to a modern school campus that 1000 students visit daily.

As the largest protestant school in Germany, the Zinzendorf Schools in Koenigsfeld have their own parish office. This takes into account the Christian orientation of the private school in a special way.

The regional church of the federal state of Baden financially supports the Zinzendorf Schools sustainable as a protestant school.

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