High School / Gymnasium for eight years (G8)

The direct Path to the Abitur (German University Admission Qualification)

The regular and shortest path to the Abitur is the eight-year high school (G8) that finishes after 12th grade with the exams for the general university qualification. The first foreign language in 5th grade is English, a year later French follows. The students learn in small classes with under 25 students.

In 8th grade, the students choose one of three profile subjects.

In the senior classes we offer a broad choice of profile and elective courses, for example literature and theatre or in the field of art.

Independent Studying and Confident Manner

Confident Manner is important in all situations therefore rhetoric is in the curriculum of 5th and 6th grade. Often in connection with small theatre pieces, the children learn early on to speak confidently in front of an audience. This experience later helps them for presentations and in professional life.

The mandatory participation in the choir or orchestra during the first two years in the lower grades also lead to experienced demeanor.

Independent working is practiced during self-organized study, which is a fixed component of the specialized classes. Here students develop a topic independently within two to four weeks. The result is checked at the end.

Partially Bilingual Lessons

A specialty of the school is the English-bilingual teaching model that is firmly integrated in our eight-year high school. The intensive English lessons in the fifth and sixth grades make up a sound basis for the following years when more and more subjects are taught partially in English and partially in German. In that way geography in grade 7, history in grade 8, and biology in grades 9 and 10 are taught in English.

For more than 10 years it has been possible to gain the diplome d‘études de langue francaise (DELF) at the Zinzendorf Schools. DELF is an internationally recognized certificate for French as a foreign language. Especially students of the high school who de-elect French can voluntarily gain the diploma before entering the course level. It serves as an official certification for the French language when enrolling at a university and improves professional perspectives in francophone countries.

More than School!

The Zinzendorf Schools are specialized in their great dedication to musical, artistic and theatre pedagogical support as well strengthening social projects, for example as a partner of the “Kindernothilfe” [German foundation supporting children’s rights]. Our experience with the new concentrated schedule of the eight-year high school (G8) have shown that students of the Zinzendorf schools were very well able to deal with this change. The necessary freedom for development of self within the diverse extracurricular activities at the school is given. Our broad offer of clubs and working groups that cover different aspects of sports, music, theatre and art among other things, are well-received.

Next to this offer many extracurricular events and class trips – always fitting the curriculum – with our partner schools in Spain and France we regularly organize student exchange.

Students of grade 10 gain first experience in different professional fields during their two-week professional internship. Participation in our professional fair “JOBwärts!” and further measures support in finding a matching profession.

The Concept of Transmissibility

Our school system is laid out to offer each student his or her own personal path to a qualified educational attainment. Nothing stands between a change to the nine-year high school (G9), to the middle school, the vocational schools, the economics high school and the social studies high school or to the educator education according to the individual situation and interests.

High School / Gymnasium for eight years (G8)
High School / Gymnasium for eight years (G8)
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