At the Zinzendorf Schools artistic classes take an important role. According to Pestalozzi’s precept, “learning with head, heart and hand” in firmly anchored in our mission statement and coins the day-to-day life at school.

In Koenigsfeld, a building was committed especially to learning with all senses: the Jan-Hus-Haus, where students can discover and play out their creativity to their hearts desire.

Arts at Zinzendorf schools

Our art studios are accommodated here. The spacious and exquisitely equipped studios support the creativity and offer everything that an artist could hope for. Whether landscape water colors or architectural models, charcoal drawings or wax figures, printmaking or object design, or even photography and film, everyone can intensify their artistic inclination.

We are the only school in the region that allows from grade 8 of the middle level of high school to choose the profile courses fine art and design. In the upper level classes, students can continue with fine arts as a major subject and can apply their practical knowledge in the Abitur exam.

In the field of “art” the great master pieces in art history are thoroughly explored in order to develop new ideas on this basis and to apply them independently in practice. In the field of “design” the students learn about the impact of marketing and advertisement and the experience and behavior of consumers.


Specifically the cooperation in the group plays a large role. We work on larger projects regularly and they are only manageable if everyone participates. From stage settings for theatre and musical productions, larger exhibitions, film installations or fashion shows: with our class and age inclusive projects we manage to surprise and convince the public time and again – beyond the school boundaries.

Especially through these projects we support interpersonal relations, team building, mutual acceptance and flexibility and creativity – all traits that will help in any career, but also in daily life.

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