Junior High School - middle graduation

The classic Path to Middle Graduation (O-levels)

There are many ways to reach the O-levels but the classic path to this day (in Germany) is the “Realschule” [similar to junior high school]. In order to best support our students on this educational path, the Zinzendorf Realschule exhaust all possibilities of modern and multi-facetted teaching.

In the orientation levels 5 and 6 we lead the students to independent studying so they can acquire contents on their own. We accompany them with diverse teaching opportunities and give them much free time for practical projects. In grade 7 students can choose electives to complement their curriculum. They can choose ‘daily routine, nutrition and social affairs’ (AES) or engineering. Unfortunately, we do not offer French.

From grade 8, career orientation gains a growing importance. With various opportunities, sit-ins in industrial companies, internships and our career finding fair JOBwärts! we strive to prepare our students for the career finding process step-by-step. Starting point for a specific career consultation is a previously conducted and evaluated analysis of competencies that can be a helpful tool for a later career choice. Economic and social projects help our students additionally to find and strengthen their interests. From grade 9 the subject Economics is also taught.

Of course there are also field trips: fixed part of the curriculum are a Ski trip on the Feldberg, highest mountain in the Black Forest, in grade 7, and a trip to the monastery Schöntal in grade 8.

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Junior High School - middle graduation

Career Orientation at the Junior High School

Career orientation is an important immersion in grades 8 – 10 at Zinzendorf Schools. Next to the school cooperation with the company EGT in Triberg, we foster manifold contacts to companies of the region in order to prepare our students for their careers. During many internships, they get to know different working environments.

Our regionally acknowledged career orientation event DateYourJob offers students an excellent base to network with businesses at home for internship and training opportunities. It is our ambition that all our graduates know the career path - scholastic or professional – they will take after their final exams. While they are preparing for and taking their exams

Junior High School - middle graduation
Junior High School - middle graduation

More than School!

Art, music and theatre play an important role at our school. All offers are open to the student from our Realschule: orchestra, wind orchestra, Jazz band and a variety of choirs, theatre and art clubs as well as e.g. golf, archery, sailing, field athletics, bread baking or chess.

The individual Path

The scholastic career at our school need not end after grade 9 and 10. The possibility to continue by changing to the vocational schools (immersion either in Business or Home Economics), after grade 9, or to Business High School and the Social Studies High School or to the Education Training after grade 10 in order to obtain a qualified educational certification according to the momentary scholastic situation.


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