Covid 19: handling and concepts

Our students enjoy various benefits that enable a balanced concept of hygiene and security during lessons, while studying and during leisure times. Extensive hygiene concepts in the school and boarding areas ensure uniform stipulations and are updated regularly in close cooperation with the public health authorities.Parents maintain great transparence and regular insight into the processes and stipulations. We inform quickly and extensively via our digital channels.

Added Value and Advantages of the Zinzendorf Schools

Contacts and Encounters

Contacts and Encounters

Contacts and Encounters can be regulated and minimized if necessary, student groups can be separated easily. Various buildings on campus are within walking distance from one another and class sizes are kept small deliberately – these local structures enable great flexibility in reacting to pandemic conditions.

In the boarding school there are there are exclusively single and double rooms, the floors can be run independently from one another. Boarders are divided into small groups; designated caregivers (social education workers/teachers) are their contact partners for direct communication, address and daily routines.

Digital teaching and learning concepts

Digital teaching and learning concepts

Students are supported individually and (to be caught up) school material is worked through: on the study campus in the afternoon there is supervised study support with our own professional staff (teachers and specialist subject teachers). Individual curricula are informative to learning progress and study targets. Additional tutoring can be arranged.

The new learning studio offers a lot of space for distancing and usability due to its architectural openness and flexibility.

In the two media centers computers with internet accessibility and libraries are available to the students. In the boarding halls PC-rooms for quiet studies are available to the boarders.

On the study campus an emergency support for studying in small groups can be arranged during acute pandemic situations.

Special Support and Information

Special Support and Information

Our school priest is there to support students during special life circumstances and has an open ear for all questions and problems. The school‘s psychologist offers support for students and parents.

Telephone consultation and individual interviews for student admissions are always possible at any time during the year. There are no fixed application or registration deadlines. Our teachers can be reached via individual school e-mail addresses and Teams ™ functions at any time by students and parents. Committed parent representatives and liaison teachers act as additional contacts for students and parents.

Digital Lessons

All students can use and have access to a uniform, free digital platform for online teaching with their own free-of-cost account (Teams ™ by Office 365). That way, we assure steady online teaching for all school types and grades. Each student and teacher has their own e-mail account.

Various School Types in one Location

In case of a change of school types (e.g. from A-levels to secondary school, from secondary school to vocational school) it is not necessary to change school location.

The familiar environment and teachers remain, even if the scholastic career is not straightforward.

There is a path to a qualified educational attainment for each adolescent, according to his/her momentary situation and we can offer it at our school.

Relief for Parents

Additional offers such as the day boarding school and study campus give steady study structures outside of the lessons, support of the learning process and with homework by teachers and specialized subject teachers.

Communication with the parents is transparent via homepage, bulletins and mailings. The school’s booster club offers partial scholarships and financial support in individual cases.


Our special educational principles have been valid for more than 200 years at the Zinzendorf Schools and provide support, security and orientation. That way potential is developed, interests are wakened and motivation is supported.

Students take responsibility for themselves and others. We are convinced that everyone can reach their goal and make diverse paths and individual support possible.

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